Real Wedding Day Posing Education!


We’re so excited to offer KJ LIVE : Bride and Groom Portraits video!! We created this video, because we wanted to give you a chance to watch us in action during a REAL WEDDING!!!  It’s one thing to read blog posts and mini-guides about posing, but sometimes you need to see it in action to truly grasp how we implement our techniques! Our goal is to provide you with tips and education that will help you maintain creativity, control, and consistency during the bride and groom portrait time of your wedding days. You’ll be able to view live footage, hear my behind-the-scenes explanation of the shooting process and learn how we create a large amount of portraits in a little amount of time! This project was filmed on a windy, chilly, rainy wedding day in downtown, Richmond!! You’ll see that it’s not a perfect scenario in many ways, but in all honesty, when is a wedding ever TRULY PERFECT? As photographers we always have to work around obstacles and MAKE IT WORK, no matter what! Enjoy seeing how we handle Bride and Groom portraits on Mark and Emily’s wedding day!

This could be your posing solution if .....

You struggle with posing ideas and inspiration for your couples on wedding days!

You lack confidence and/or control when interacting with and posing your couple on their wedding day!

You have a hard time finding creative portrait locations!

You find it difficult to capture enough portraits in a short period of time!

You desire to create gorgeous compositions but never seem to be able to make it happen!

What's Included...


40+ Minutes of Video Content focusing on teaching how we maintain consistency, control and creativity during Bride and Groom portraits on the wedding day. This content is a mixture of training and live video examples from the wedding day!


Access to our real wedding day implementation of posing techniques!  We don’t have third shooters on our wedding days and so this is literally the closest thing to experiencing how we work LIVE!


20 Page Workbook that coincides with the material throughout the video and offers additional advice and tips! This workbook is handy because it allows photographers to have all of the education I teach in the video at their fingertips at any time.

What You’ll Learn :

  • You will learn our approach to posing, on a real wedding day. By watching us behind the scenes, you’ll be able to see how we handle chaos, less than ideal weather conditions, and distractions while shooting portraits.
  • You will also learn how I select locations for my bride and groom portraits. I explain what I’m looking for in both the foreground and in the background! I’ll also explain how I eliminate distractions while shooting instead of creating extra work for myself in post-processing.
  • You will also have a chance to see how Michael and I “gently command authority” while we’re shooting in order to maintain respect and control. This wedding was fast paced, and we didn’t have a ton of extra time. You’ll be able to see how we use our time and accomplish both STANDARD and ARTISTIC portraits.
  • Tips and Tricks associated with posing, maintaining control, finding creative portrait locations, eliminating distractions, and getting a lot done in a very little amount of time!

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

I love to watch Katelyn work on a real wedding day! To see how quickly and confidently she poses is just amazing. I learned SO MUCH from this little video! So worth the investment, to learn from the posing master!!!


Katelyn, this is the best, and unbelievably helpful!! I’ve always had trouble posing, thinking of new poses, how to make them flow etc. and you totally just broke down that wall!


This is such a great investment!!! I’m so thankful for the opportunity to learn from Katelyn, even though I can’t be there live for a workshop or coaching… this feels like I’m actually at the wedding with her!