Is This For You?


If you’re wondering if The Pricing Template is right for you, I want you to take a minute and read through the following descriptive points, and see if any of them resonate with you!!

  • When you send out pricing information, does it show your value as beautifully as your website?
  • Do you present your pricing information to potential clients by copying and pasting some numbers into an email?
  • Are you truly charging what you’re worth? Would you say that you know what you’re worth?
  • Do you know when to raise prices and when not to?
  • Are you getting inquiries, but struggling to book them?
  • Do you send pricing information to a potential client and then never hear back?
  • Do your clients always have lots of questions about your pricing?
  • Are you constantly being asked to make exceptions to your pricing or provide a discount?
  • Are you allowing clients to experience a personal side of you? Or just showing them numbers?
  • Have you raised your prices, and yet you haven’t elevated your pricing guide?
  • Are you treating the inquiry process with as much design and well thoughtout detail as the rest of your client experience???

Could it be that the reason you’re struggling isn’t because you’re a bad photographer…. and it isn’t because you’re not worth it…. could it be that the way you are showcasing what you charge is doing you a HUGE disservice? When you are showing a client what they would have to pay in order to experience your services, are you adding value or are you discrediting your price point because your pricing presentation isn’t professional? If you’re struggling in your business, especially with your pricing… then this kit is for you! You deserve to charge what you’re worth and your potential clients deserve an incredible experience from start to finish! If you’re not starting the client experience with a gorgeous pricing guide, because you don’t know how to design, don’t let that hold you back anymore! I’ve done the hard work for you! I’m allowing photographers to not only use my DESIGN but also use my content!! You can have your new pricing guide ready to send out TONIGHT!  If you’re struggling in this area, go ahead and give your clients an incredible Pricing Guide that lets them get to know you and clearly outlines what your experience offers them for their special day!

The Details...


We’re going to save the world from ugly pricing guides one template at a time! The #1 PROBLEM that photographers come to me with during coaching is PRICING RELATED! Their pricing presentation is lacking, and so is their confidence. So we have created the KJ PRICING KIT to solve both of these issues!


The kit includes our KJ Pricing Guide TEMPLATE, so that you can make your own, AND our 30+ page “What You’re Worth” Ebook all about pricing structure and strategy!! While I can’t provide a calculator that will tell every single photographer what their starting price should be, I have provided you with an entire ebook that teaches how we have developed our own pricing structure!


We have been utilizing this pricing system for over 5 years now, and it has consistently resulted in a 6 figure income, solely from weddings, the last 3 years. This pricing content is what I am constantly teaching at coaching sessions, and now it’s available for ALL!!!

W H A T ‘ S    I N C L U D E D

  • 30+ Pages of pricing education that covers strategy, structure, and the hard questions like “When am I ready to raise prices?, What will my past clients think?! and How do I Avoid the Dead Zone!”
  • All of our pricing presentation content. This is how we present and explain our pricing to potential KJ Brides!
  • Our 13-page pricing guide in editable template form! (***InDesign format ONLY***)
  • Action steps and workbook questions to help you move forward with your pricing updates!
  • The relief of knowing that you just STEPPED. UP. YOUR. GAME!!!

Enough From Me….

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

Having all of my pricing info for my clients, neatly organized in one place, is incredible. They also get to learn a little more about us and realize we’re not just transactional! I send it along in my initial response email and that’s all there is to it. Nine times out of ten, I don’t speak another word about money with my clients ever. Not in email, not at the consult, not at booking. Not only does it make me look more professional, it’s saved so much stress from doubting self-worth, when no one questions it!


I cannot say enough good things about the Pricing Guide! It has transformed our inquiry process, and our brides are immediately writing back commenting on it and how much they enjoyed getting to know us, and who we are. It made the process so much more personal for them! We love our KJ Pricing Guide and will never go back to stinky old pricing sheets!


I needed a more professional package to send to our brides when I was asking them to pay a premium for our services. I used to simply list pricing out and it was so impersonal, and NOT pretty. NOW! Thanks to Katelyn, I have a gorgeous pricing guide to not only share our packages and prices. but a way to share a little about Ben and I. and our heart for our business. I love the layout, I love that it’s centered around the experience we give rather than the numbers. Our potential brides who nearly every time turn into #tarnobrides LOVE it. It’s impressive, it’s simple, and you need it.


I love the pricing guide!!! Seriously amazing, and it has changed my business so much. My clients know exactly what they are getting right from the guide. They all thank me for that and most of the time don’t have very many questions.


I now have a pricing structure AND guide that I am confidant in and proud of. The guide also gave me hope to push through my “dry spell” and stick up for what I’m worth. I love everything Katelyn comes out with, and the Pricing Guide was no exception! MEGHAN

The KJ Pricing Kit completely changed everything! I customized the pricing guide to my brand and happily began sending it to inquiring brides. This is my second wedding season using the KJ Pricing Kit, and I continue to impress my clients when we meet for consults. Not only are they receiving the PDF electronically, but I’m also giving them a printed version when we meet in person. It truly is a great tool and has completely changed the way I present my wedding packages! My business looks more professional, and I truly believe the KJ Pricing Kit has led to more bookings!