Why Coaching Has My Heart ...

I love workshops… I love speaking at conferences… I love online webinars…. but nothing compares to Coaching sessions! I started offering one-on-one coaching sessions over 3 years ago, and they have easily become one of my favorite parts of my educational business! Why? Because it’s during coaching sessions that I get to really be involved in people’s lives and set up a solution for their business that is unique to them! We have photographers fly in from ALL over the country for their coaching sessions each month, and I’m constantly blown away at the amazing people that God brings into our life through this area of our business!! Be sure to scroll down to hear from some past KJ Coaching friends!

Coaching sessions are for any small business owner! This one-on-one time is spent creating a game plan for your business that is unique to you and your situation. This is something that you can’t receive in a large group setting! We take our One-on-One coaching time very seriously. This time together can be used to work through ANY problem areas in your business. I will ask coaching clients to think about 3 main areas of their business that need work before they arrive, so that we have a framework for how we should spend our time together. Nothing is off limits! My goal for every coaching session is for each attendee to be inspired and also slightly overwhelmed (in a good way!) with all of the information and to-do list items that they are leaving with. The amount of information and action items from a coaching session should take close to a year to complete.

  • How often do you offer coaching sessions?
    • We offer 10 coaching sessions a year. Dates are announced to our Waitlist first! Signup HERE! 
  • Do you offer online coaching sessions?
    • We do not offer Coaching sessions online. We only offer in-person coaching sessions, we really value in-person educational experiences.
  • What if I’m brand new? Would coaching be good for me?
    • Yes! However, If you need an overview of how to run your entire business, a workshop would be more beneficial.  If you are just getting started and want one-on-one help to cast a vision for your brand, your business and what your next steps should be, coaching would be GREAT for you!
  • Do you only offer coaching in Richmond, Virginia?
    • Yes. As of right now, we only offer coaching sessions when we’re home. However, sometimes there are specific situations when we’re traveling that allow us to do a destination coaching session, and we’re not opposed to that at all if we’re already in the area and have availability!
  • What should I bring to my coaching session?
    • YOU! And maybe your laptop! I know that it’s hard to remember everything I say and so I actually type up a recap email for you as we talk through your session. After you leave, I send the recap email along with any resources I mentioned.


The focus of a workshop is broad, while coaching is very narrowly tailored to your specific needs. At our workshops I am speaking for 20 hours to a group of 12-16, instead of giving individual attention.  I cover more information during The Workshop Experience, and there is a full styled shoot included. Workshops are also a great place to get plugged into a great photography community and to hear how we run our business from beginning to end. However, if you’re in a place in your business where you need some one-on-one advice about specific issues that are unique to you, coaching would be your best investment.  So, if you’re interested in a large amount of information, a styled shoot to add to your portfolio, and getting plugged into a great photography community,  then a workshop is the way to go! If you would rather have 6 hours of one-on-one mentoring time with Katelyn, to discuss your specific business needs, then Coaching is more up your alley!

COACHING : One-on-one teaching, custom plan of action that is catered toward your business, and a Headshot shoot.

WORKSHOP : More information, 4 times the amount of teaching time, Full styled shoot with ability to use images for your portfolio, Relationship building in person and through your workshop FB group, Website Critiques, and Mini-headshot shoot.

One-on-One Coaching sessions are $2200 and include the following:

  • Full 6-hour day in-person, One-on-One Coaching with Katelyn
  • Headshot shoot and access to all edited high resolution images
  • Lunch is provided
  • Access to the KJ Education community online

From Their Perspective ...

“Like many others, I first heard about Katelyn James through her blog. After admiring her workshop video & hearing only wonderful things, I decided to take the plunge! I flew from New England down to Virginia, meeting Katelyn for the first time and learning from her in person blew me away! I had pretty high expectations for her since her blog is so great, but she surpassed that by far.  In the months following the workshop, my business grew & my husband’s job relocated us, and therefore my business too, and I knew it was time to invest in some one-on-one coaching! In my coaching session I got to sit down with her and get REALLY honest about my business– where it has been & where it is going. Let me say, I’m not a crier, but Katelyn had me in big happy tears by the end of my coaching session! I knew my business (and life!) would be forever better because of that time & advice I got from one of the industry’s best!” Kelsey Dewitt

Kelsey Dewitt Photography

“The trajectory of my future changed the minute I booked a coaching session with Katelyn. Her passion for her craft and her encouraging heart were the catalyst I needed to light the fire in me to passionately pursue my dreams. She welcomed an overwhelmed, doubtful girl into her home and made me feel like my goals mattered, my dreams were valid, and that I was capable of the success I craved both in my life and my business. In the years following my coaching session, I’ve more than tripled my booking rate, been published both online and in print, implemented systems to better serve my clients, and launched a newsletter community with Katelyn’s encouragement to teach others about running a Hybrid business. I can say with certainty that had I not chosen to pursue the coaching experience, my business would lack both purpose and fulfillment that I’ve been so thankful to find the past three years.” Nikki Santerre

Nikki Santerre Fine Art Photography

“Mentoring with Katelyn was one of the BEST decisions and investments I have ever made in my business. Back in December of 2013, I mentored with Katelyn and it was a game changer for my business. I came home from our day together not only full of information and feeling encouraged, but with a great friend and mentor! Since mentoring with Katelyn, my business has grown in so many ways; my confidence, my blogging, client experience and running a business successfully. I am beyond grateful for Katelyn & Michael’s hearts behind what they do, and how open they are to help others succeed in their own businesses. If you are considering coaching or doing a workshop, do it! It will be a game changer for you! ” Kari Bowman

Karime Photography

Katelyn spent several hours with me going over everything from how to get my images more consistent in posts (thank you split toning hehe), to helping me figure out how to separate out my newly made full time photographer income. Katelyn believed in me and therefore I believed in myself.  Katelyn encouraged me to keep doing what I was doing, helped me change things that weren’t working, and gave me the huge confidence boost I needed. I went from 12 weddings the year before (2013) to 34 that year (2014) and 37 in 2015 all above $3000. Not only did she encourage me during the coaching, but continues to do so by commenting on my social media, answering my silly emails and following my rebrand process. I cannot thank Katelyn enough not only for her wisdom during the coaching session that was a HUGE game changer for me, but the encouragement that continued after!

Jaime Davis

Jaime Davis Photography