Our Mission

When I was in high school, I attended a leadership program and while I don’t remember every piece of information that I learned, I do remember one quote that changed my life.  I was told at age 16 that the only thing that will differentiate me from other people in the world will be the places I go, the books I read, and the people I meet. It’s the experiences & relationships in my business that have elevated me to each level of success, and this is why I LOVE offering The Workshop Experience. These 2-day workshops are in-depth, personal & transformational. Our mission is to provide an educational experience that equips & inspires photographers to move beyond the current state of their business & experience a new level of success that they never thought was possible!

If you aren't where you want to be in your business.....

Let's do something about it

Is this workshop for you?

Answer the following questions to see if The Workshop Experience could be the missing link to your business growth!

  • Did you start your business quickly & now you’re overwhelmed with your lack of systems & workflow?
  • Do you know a lot about photography, but NOTHING about business?
  • Are you drowning in editing, and your family time is suffering because of it?
  • Are you paying a small fortune for advertising, but not seeing any bookings in return?
  • Are you attracting clients that take advantage of you and don’t respect your business?
  • Are you stuck in the “friend zone”? Meaning all of your clients are friends paying little to nothing for your services?
  • Is your business growing, but you know you’re not where you want to be and don’t know why?
  • Do you struggle with posing and tend to freeze up when it comes to directing your clients?
  • Do you rely on a crazy amount of photoshop work just to make your images stand out?
  • Are you receiving inquiries that always turn into a haggle?
  • Do you have an online presence that isn’t doing you any favors, but you don’t know how to fix it?
  • Are you charging less than you’re worth and have no idea how to increase your value to clients?
  • Are you wondering if you can even MAKE it in the photography world? ……

The list goes on and on. If you’re struggling in your business, I know it’s scary and everything seems so uncertain. However, the truth is, you deserve to have a successful business, you deserve to earn a profit… a GREAT profit! … and your family deserves more of your quality time than your computer screen does! If ANY of this resonates with you, this workshop is FOR YOU, & it will be a turning point for your business AND your life in general!  We can’t wait to meet you! Get excited because this is going to be a game changer! Keep scrolling for more information and real-life stories from past workshop friends!

The Details...

This workshop covers over 20 hours of content and we’ve broken it down into two categories: The FRONT end of the business, and the BACK end of the business. This is a list of topics that will be covered over the course of our two days together:

DAY ONE: Exterior Business Topics

  • Mastering Your Client’s In-Person Experience
  • The Posing Evolution
  • Posing Hacks
  • Natural Lighting
  • Training & Portfolio Building Styled-Shoot: (3+ Hours)
  •     – Bridal Details demo (invitation styling, ring shot demo, creating more details, etc)
        – Bridal “getting dressed” demo
        – Bride and Groom Portrait Training
        – Tablescape shooting Demo
  •     – This shoot (weather permitting) will be outside in different locations around our property.
  • Late Night Editing Tutorial & OCF Demo

DAY TWO: Interior Business Topics

  • Invisible Marketing
  • Creating Community Within Your Business
  • The Business of Blogging
  • Branding
  • Professional Headshots
  • Office Organization
  • Getting Published
  • Website Reviews & Critiques

The 2-Day Workshop Experience with Katelyn James happens 3-4 times a year and is limited to 12-16 seats per event. A seat to this two day experience is $1700. Lunch and Dinner are provided on both days. A $500 deposit is needed to reserve your seat!

Workshops are hosted out of our HOME in Richmond, Virginia!

  • Who is this workshop for? Do you have to be a wedding photographer?
    • Great question! The Workshop Experience is for anyone who is currently running or is about to launch a professional photography business. While a large portion of the content is geared towards wedding photography specifically, the information is still very useful for portrait photographers as well. We normally recommend this workshop to photographers who have been in business for 1-3 years.
  •  Do you have to have past experience?
    • No! If you’re new to the industry that’s ok! As long as you’re looking to start a professional photography business in the near future, this workshop is for you!
  •  What do I bring?!
    • Bring a laptop if you have one, business cards if you have them, your camera and your favorite portrait lens! …. AND a great attitude!
  • What is the Early Bird Discount?
    • The discount is $200 off a full registration rate.
  • When is the Balance due?
    • The balance is due one month before the workshop date.
  • Are any topics off limits when it comes to your teaching?
    • Nope! I’m an open book. I basically want to teach you everything that has taken me 8 years to learn so that you can grow and our industry will be elevated as a whole!

Meet Some KJ Alumni...

“At age sixteen, I rode the Greyhound bus to Richmond to attend The Workshop Experience, and it remains the best investment I’ve ever made in my business. Three years later, I’ve more than quadrupled my income, and I credit so much of that growth to the practical knowledge I came home from The Workshop Experience with. This educational opportunity wasn’t a “fluff” workshop – it was one that challenged and equipped me, inspiring real growth. Because of The Workshop Experience, I gained deeper confidence as a teen business owner and was more purposeful in my business and craft. One thing I especially value in Katelyn’s teaching style is the way she balances guidance that is empowering, yet honest. With Katelyn, you won’t find formula style teaching that leaves you feeling overwhelmed or lost, but instead – a unique and tailored educational experience that in my case was literally life-impacting. The content I learned from Katelyn has been transformative, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the impact her guidance has had on my life and business!!”

Caroline Logan

Caroline Logan Photography

“Katelyn and Michael, you guys are terrific. I came to your workshop a little nervous and intimidated. I was in the first two years of shooting weddings, working my day job, but wanting to make photography my full time employment and felt like I might be in over my head. But from the moment we walked into your home, your southern hearts made us feel welcomed. You provided an atmosphere where I felt completely comfortable asking any question, big or small and you blew us away with how much information and experience you had to share. Above all, you encouraged me to see past insecurities, enabled me to build a business with more efficient tools, helped me to deliver a better client experience, and you taught me how to serve with more heart and love. This has fundamentally changed the way I approach my business, my brand, and my interactions with each Bride. It is fun to see how implementing these changes has brought a life into my business that makes me excited each day to be doing what I do! “Thank you” to you both! I treasure the friendship I have with you two and the encouragement you shared with me.”
Breanna McKendrick

Breanna McKendrick Photography

“I had been following Katelyn and Michael’s work for about two years when they announced that they would be hosting a workshop, and I KNEW that it was for ME. It was like her blog was speaking right to me. That day, Ben and I booked the flights, purchased my seat, and thanked the Lord for such a fantastic opportunity. The second I walked into their home I was instantly welcomed with open arms and Bokeh snuggles, and I felt right at home. Over the two days we shared with them, Katelyn was so transparent with us about what worked for her, what didn’t, and how she created a business that was based upon service and her heart. Ben and I left, not only feeling motivated, but with the tools to take our business to the next level. She taught us how to brand personally, how to hold ourselves accountable in blogging, and how to share images to create relationships, but also help build our business up. I think that was my favorite part of our time. Watching Katelyn teach us showed her true heart for this business!”

Britney Tarno

The Tarnos